Yeah, I’m not sure if WEVA


Yeah, I’m not sure if WEVA is for me. Honestly, I’ve always felt that organizations like WEVA are good for the whole networking issue, but you can get that at sites like this for free.

Lately though, more of my competitors have joined WEVA, and as I result, I’ve heard the question asked, in several different wordings, why I’m not in WEVA if I’m a pro. And the harder and longer I try to explain that being a member at WEVA doesn’t mean you’re a good videographer but rather that you were willing to pay the cash to join, the less people seem to comprehend it.

I don’t think I’m losing business because I’m not part of this elite organization, but if anyone has ever had a referral because of WEVA, I’d be interested to hear about it.

Otherwise, for my budget, it’s not really worth it.

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