Yeah i listed 5 different


Yeah i listed 5 different cameras. 5 different comparable cameras. I also asked a specific question about an HD camera. I also gave specific information about my purpose and requirements of the camera.

I also came to a video forum for HELP. If you dont want to help people, why are you posting here?

This is a video forum, the only one i have ever gone to, but some of the attitudes here are just pretentious. Is this how the entire video community is, or just this site?

The point of belonging to a forum is to help and communicate with people with similar interests ask, and answer questions, and provide a cornerstone for a community.

That being said, is this the only video forum on the internet, or is there another one, with more open, more eager to help members.

We are all here for the same reasons, we all love video and filmmaking in some way, we all have that in common. We would all like to be successful and we would all like to be able to say that our peers help and support eachother.

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