Yeah, I have a lot of coup


Yeah, I have a lot of couples who’ve sent me work and never been paid a dime for it. Those make you feel good. I think it would be cheapened for me personally if none of my work was genuine word of mouth because we’re good at what we do. It’s just nice to know that someone out there loved your work enough to trust their friends with you.

Anyway, I’ve always told vendors about it upfront though. They don’t get to experience my work, and plus, they bump into several brides themselves. And it works both ways sometimes. Up here, videography is the last thing brides seem to book, but in the rare time when they’ve got us before the photographer, etc, I have a few names that I like to work with.

Getting to know and develop relationships with other vendors can be beneficial, especially photographers. People seem to think from time to time that they don’t need video if they have photos. But if that photographer says that they should get a videographer, and happens to send them to me, well then, that kills two birds with one stone.

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