Yeah, I concur with EarlC


Yeah, I concur with EarlC on the 2 format rigs. Though my outfit is seriously looking at the Canon 5DmkII, the main issue is; support gear. There is little or no supportgearfor the new tech at the moment. Panning for a photo on a photo tripod is one thing, doing it with a video camera is another! Also, what about sound? As is, those rigs may have mic plug-ins but odds are good you’ll need asecondary audio recorder.

The main issue for someone in your position (little or no cash) is ‘money’. Anything by RED will make you a candidate for debtor’s prison! Canon and Nikon are more affordable, but you’ll have some kinks to work out like what are you going to edit the footage with? Yeah, there is support with quicktime, but what other programs are available to you that will support the video format? And, you still have support gear issues; how much will batteries, media cards, sync cords, etc. cost? Recording images and video to UDMA Cards is great, but you’re going to have to cough up $125 minimum per card and the more Gigs it has, the more it will cost.

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