Yeah, digital zooms are va


Yeah, digital zooms are vastly inferior to optical zooms. And there are a variety of lens add-ons that will meet your needs.

A lens add-on is screwed into the filter ring at the very front of your lens. My usual problem is the opposite of yours, I can’t zoom wide enough to get the shot I want. So I purchased a third party wide angle add-on. And it has worked great for me. You can do the same thing in the telephoto range. Since the filter diameter is 72mm, you’re going to be adding a big chunk of glass on the front end. And it will be way more expensive than the consumer wide angle & telephoto adapters you see in retail stores. I purchased mine from B & H Photo since they had a nice selection and were more likely to let me exchange for a better adapter if I wanted to. But you can purchase both wide angle & telephoto add-ons from Sony; they are listed in the accessories booklet that comes with the VX2100.

When selecting your adapter (or add-on) the amount of change in viewing field is a multiplicative factor. I have a .65 wide angle adapter. So to know what the new lens will be, I just multiply the primary lens zoom setting by the add-on’s lens factor. In the case of a telephoto adapter, the number is going to be 1.something. A 1.5 lens factor would give you a telephoto of 72mm times 1.5 or the equivalent to a 108mm zoom lens.

Unfortunately, when there’s more glass, there’s light loss. So you’ll want to select the smallest factor that will work for you as that will have the least amount of optics. But locked down on a tripod, it isn’t going to too much of a limiting factor. But you will really need a good, fluid head tripod if you have to be panning and zooming much. Friction drag heads just can’t compete with fluid when it comes to smooth motion when you are zoomed all the way in.

So check out B & H Photo to see your range of options and make a selection. But you’ll want to get the best adapter you can afford. Discount add-on’s are notorious for degrading the image quality. And by the way, don’t forget to take any filters you already have on the lens before you attach the add-on. The mathematics for the lens were calculated that way so moving the add-on farther from the prime lens will automatically degrade image quality & focusing accuracy.

Good luck with your future shoots.

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