Yeah!!! BOTSWANA! :D That


Yeah!!! BOTSWANA! πŸ˜€ Thats where I am. Unfortunately the wildlife opportunities I cannot make use of. Cant afford the kind of equipment needed for that. But this country is great. We dont actually live in trees! We got streets, cars, malls, TV and such. And our lions live out in the bush, not on our streets. If I could share video footage somehow I would take scenes and show you guys.

Has anybody noticed that while most websites say NO AV IN/OUT for cheaper cameras, the fact is some do have AV in? The Samsung VPD 361 I used to use actually has analogue video in. Probably the cheapest camera to have it. I could record TV programmes straight from the TV or VCR or even satelite TV decoder to tape. Its motor is broke so I now use it as an interface between my new Sony camera and any other analogue input.

I also intend to use it for interviews, since it has a MIC input jack, while actually recording with the Sony. I think that idea of recording with a laptop and microphone in sync with your video recording could work. Then after that you syncronise using editing software like in a music video. I will try it out.

Does anybody know any charity organisations that would donate money or cameras so I could start a youth video club and teach them all I know even though its little? I love video too much!
Cherio πŸ™‚

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