Yea, wow, that’s a great p


Yea, wow, that’s a great price with such low hours… i like that but my original budget was $1000, I bumped it to another $1000 after talking at length with a few friends in the industry… trouble is, I’m pretty small potatoes over here, though I know I’ll be doing this for work to make money, it’ll take me about 2 years to pay off this camera and other basic accessories… just tough to do right now…

esp when the business I expect to get won’t really know or care about the difference between i or p. The argument is that I’ll grow out of the less expensive camera quickly… so I’m torn.. $1000 now and pay it off in a year and sell it in two years to upgrade, or $2500 now and pay it off in 2+ years with no need to upgrade for a while…

so hard to know what to do as I don’t know what the future holds for me in this biz…

anyone got a crystal ball?

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