yea…. planning and work


yea…. planning and work flow are still things I’m working on, lol. When I’m back at home I’ll be uploading a revised version. There were some conflicts with the filming because there are about 120 different variatons of that carburetor and I only have one. To make up for some missing information I searched the internet for any usable pictures and managed to get one of our readers to submit some photos of his setup then doctored them up the best I could using paint shop pro. Pinnacle Studio 8 only has one video track and one title track so I had to render the video several times to get all the layers and stuff in.

I did what I could with the audio quality by filming in the middle of the room instead of a corner or near a wall. I noticed keeping the door to the room open reduced some of the reverberation and I lined the areas closest to the camera with some misc foam padding my neighbor was throwing out. I was thinking about turning brake rotors on a lathe which requires attaching a rubber dampener to eliminate harmonics when cutting so I took two rubber blocks and put them on the side of the camera and held them on with two rubber bands. This seemed to dampen the internal noise of the tape rolling.

I don’t think there is anything I can do about the interlacing at the moment neither my camera nor my editing software have any settings or filters. I did however compress the video a lot before uploading to youtube, when I upload the revision I plan on using less compression to hopefully get a better video after youtube processes it.

Any tips on staying in frame when filming? I can’t always position the flip screen in a position I can see it. Oddly enough I don’t own a tv to plug in while I’m filming either, lol.

Thanks again everyone for your help, it is amazing what this site and it’s people have taught me.

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