yea, i read that in the ma


yea, i read that in the manual but it didn’t really clearly answer my question. Johnny that sounds like a sweet set up… I could set up all 4 monitors I have, but that’s overkill and not necessary (yet!) πŸ™‚

I’m more interested in processing power (of the GPU), and I think I found my answer, but not necessarily THEE answer. For the work that I do and the card that I have GTX 570HD 2.5GB, I don’t need another card. Even with a bunch of effects and transitions this card only fires at 50% at most!! So, for the time being, it doesn’t matter. I took out the 550 and it’s going back to a friend.

Still, it’d be good to be clear on whether or not it makes sense (and if it’s possible) to have 2 video cards on Vegas 11 to achieve the following; one card that’s used for RENDERING ONLY (so you only use it for your processing power, no actual viewing is done with this card; and the other card that’s used to view the program/computer, etc.

If anyone finds out… or knows, add it here so we can all know! Thanks!

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