Yea any card that is speci


Yea any card that is specifilicly suported by adobe should be fine. Really I would go with the quadro 540-560 professional video edition these can be had for $250 and have a component and composite video out which is nice for monitoring. Also I found that I have Hollywood FX it is part of the Pinnalce Studio whichcame with my graphics card I found. I would steer clear of using these trasitions too much (or at all). The reason I say this is that cheezy flashy transitions are just that, cheezy. Watch tv you will find that you dont see these sort of transitions on profesionally produced programs. Cuts and dissolves (and some wipes) are it. (of course there will be some exceptions e.g. Home Improvement) Stick with cuts and dissolves and your productions will look much more professional.

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