Y’all need to watch out fo


Y’all need to watch out for Best Price Camera — same thing with them, they do the ‘bait and switch,’ advertising the lowest prices but really never having the items in stock. When you call them on it, they get all insulted when you use the term ‘bait and switch’ ! (LOL)

I also just ordered the JVC Mini DV and VHS dual dubbing deck from Abe’s of Maine (from whom I ordered lotsa stuff when i was in photo school), and they sent it but when it arrived the inside box was heavily damaged and the unit would not work! I called them and they refused to take it back. Currently it is in the local repair shop, and if they tell me it is a lemon (that the impact really did damage it), I am going to send it back to Abe’s of Maine and have it charged back on the credit card.

We really like Royal Camera (as well as B&H), they got us out of a bind when we had ordered the Canon XL2 from Best Price Camera and our deadline was fast approaching — i told them the story of Best Price and they overnighted the unit at the regular ground cost.

Thanks guys, this advice is priceless!

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