Ya, unfortunately you can’


Ya, unfortunately you can’t technically sell anything with copyrighted music for profit…. Would you ever get caught?… probably not,… but the music teacher is right. So, if you can’t convince the teacher that it’s not a big deal, I can think of 2 ways you could still use the video footage to raise money.

#1 – You shoot the entire show, and then edit together a nice little montage with clips from the musical (without audio) and put some nice royalty free music in the background. I’m sure the parents would still love to see some professional-quality video of their kids performing.

#2 – You create the video, but don’t actually sell it for profit… instead, you sell something dumb like a T-shirt, for around $40.00, and throw in the DVD for free. That way, you’re not profiting from the copyright music, you’re just giving it away for free to anyone who bought the T-shirt.

Of course, I am not a lawyer, and therefore am not responsible for any legal complications =P

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