Ya say you put the shotgun


Ya say you put the shotgun on the camera. Could it be noise from the HD spinning? Although quiet, a HD does make noise that could be transferred if physically mounted on the camera. If this is not the problem, it could very well be wind noise.

I have been doing HS football games from the crow’s nest atop the concession stand. Basically you are standing on the flat roof of a two story building. Lots of wind noise.

I ordered a muff for the integrated mike of my VX2100 and it worked. Got it from thewindcutter.com and they had one for the 2100 listed on their website. I e-mailed them about something for a TRV22 and my new DCR-HC48. They did have them but since the mike on those cameras are integral, It is only a stickon foam windscreen but it helped also. Reasonable and I got the thewindcutter URL from a prior post by compusolver.

Most of the stuff I try comes from this forum and usually from Computsolver info. Wish he would come back fulltime but I know he is busy.


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