Ya know… it was wierd, a


Ya know… it was wierd, as I never have too much trouble with offline media. Yet, the files were in my media bin… and, I couldn’t open them in Vegas (couldn’t play them) yet I could outside Vegas as normal, and Vegas still treated them as offline. I had to edit the file (I re-converted it in AVS4YOU) and told Vegas to “replace” the old media file with the newly converted one.

… wha-la, all my edits filled back in (no more offline) and all I had to do was adjust my motion-track for that video track the new file resided in.

Thankfully it was that easy. Sometimes I pity those who have days/weeks into a project and lose it all… this was only about 8-10hrs of work. So it wasn’t too bad if I lost it. It just irk’d me … and challenged me to fix it. So I did! πŸ˜‰

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