XTR, I love that Panny mys



I love that Panny myself, but you do you really think that Standard def, 4:3 model is superior to a High Definition XH-A1? Again, keep in mind I still shoot in SD, so I’m not just being part of the frothy-mouthed HD crowd πŸ™‚

I think if you were going to stick with SD, you’d be better off to go with two cameras of a less expensive model, such as the VX-2100, with the plans of buying new HD gear once the business grows a bit.

But then, application is everything. If dip is starting a videography business that offers event services, I would definitely suggest getting two or three prosumer SD cameras with the plan to upgrade to HD in a while. In that circle, more cameras are better. But if for example he’s shooting a documentary, it doesn’t matter how many cameras you have, but you want the best possible camera you can get. In that case, one super high quality HD cam is the way to go. Application drives the need.

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