XTR – I do not use tapes n


XTR – I do not use tapes now for the most part. My Z5Us run entirely on CF, and I intend to go tapeless on any other camera I would use as I have never hadone single issue with CF recording alone. I have 5x32GB cards I use for my 2 Z5Us, which is pretty much all the storage I would need in a day unless I had a shooter happy assistant with me! I have no issues at all editing my AVCHD footage on my computer, but it is also a very high end rig.

The point I was getting at wasto findnice travel camera that would also produce high enough quality to possibly incorporate into my event shoots.


D0n, I will look for the warning you say was posted. And I am open to other brands as well – nothing will be finalized for a while. I just like the translucent mirror (the alpha 55 boasts) allowing auto-focus tracking of moving subjects which has been a DSLR issue in the past. But I have only been looking into this area for a couple days now and there is a lot of information to absorb!

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