XTR-91. I can install and


XTR-91. I can install and run Vegas Studio Pro 10 just fine on my system. I downloaded the trial version. If you look over the postings you may notice we were not talking about “working” we were talking more along the lines on how the software preforms when you have 7-14 tracks, of mixed video, audio ect. Then you have to worry about the rendering since during that part you are hopefully asleep or doing something else beside using the computer, as ANY computer use during rendering may impact the render.

If your hardware is not up to what the maker of the software suggest for multiple tracks and rendering, then opening the program and running a few tracks is mute, because when I do some videos I have had every track used, My system will not be able to do that with Sony Vegas Pro 10 and I would have to say yours will not either, you will get jitters int he render at some point.

It is the total of the end that matters not the beginning of the journey.

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