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[quote=Xerax]…Also for audio, does 650d have any microphone built in? i hope it does anyway beocuse i am thinking of saving up for a Rode Video Mic.I have tripod allready so this will do me for now…[/quote]




Hi Xerax – Yes, the 650D has a built-in mic and a mic jack. One caveat – something I have found when shooting with this camera is that it is very susceptible to shot-ruining phenomena called moire and aliasing on patterned subjects(e.g., brickwork, shingled roofs, patterned clothing and power lines) – as seen in this short test shot by Sebastian at Cinema5D:




The new Nikon D5200 is the only reflex mirror camera in your price range that is resistant to moire.  Here is how it handles shingled roofs:



Here is how it handles low light, when compared to the much more expensive Panasonic GH3:



Here it is shooting an advert:




In my view, the D5200 is the best video-capable DSLR in its class. It is £549 new with the kit lens on eBay UK or £528 used from Amazon UK Warehouse Deals.


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