X-D Kevin Shaw, It’s a va


X-D Kevin Shaw,

It’s a valuable discussion to have on here, when professionals care about what they do.

I could be wrong, but I believe HD/DVD or Bluray had Java programming available to create interactivity for the optical media. I’ll have to look that up, I recall reading that 3 years ago when specs were not finalized.

Kevin Shaw, don’t wait for your client to ask before you supply the service. What I’ve done for my clients is given them a free account. If they had a wedding or Bar Mitzvah I gave away a free online video account. Without being asked. Then they got the onslaught of inquiries. Be proactive, once you provide online video for 1 client and they invite 300 of their offline/online friends, then business starts being generated. Market it by saying this is new, no one has it. Market it to the younger crowd, people who have online habits. Don’t wait until someone asks you, offer it to them so that you are very far ahead of your competition. If you have an upcoming client I’ll give you a free account on my own service. Give it away to them, in addition to their DVD. Yes, the main client deserves to have that DVD. But what you gain is a whole bunch of their friends checking out your service without your having to work for it. I know; it’s a different way of looking at media distribution. The offer stands, if in the future you feel one of your web savvy clients can benefit from their video posted online, up to 2 hours, password protected, guestbooked, look me up. I’ll gladly give you a free account. If you are good at what you do, if they are internet aware, you should get 250-400 of their peers visiting your media. You might even get a few new clients out of it. Without paying me a dime for it. No obligations. I believe in online video; I want more videographers to get the bug. Not as a replacement for the DVD of today. But as the successor to optical media in the world of tomorrow. We have to start somewhere, I’m starting here.


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