wvc, I would echo the comm



I would echo the comments made about using less black & white and getting a good wireless lav mic.

I personally like a nice black and white shot every now and again. All the same, what makes b&w so cool is that it’s something few and far between. If you really like b&w (and the bride does too), you can shoot the whole video in b&w, or you can do a sort of “Wizard of Oz” style: Start in B&W, go to color on a dramatic shot (a reveal shot of the couple at the altar, etc), and go back to b&w at the very end, maybe on an exit shot or on a kiss during dancing.

I love overdubbing the audio like you did, but I hate all that reverb in the voices. I have enough mics, either wireless lav mics or wired mics, that I can give a microphone to every speaker and instrument at the wedding. It’s a lot of expense, I know, but most pro filmmakers agree that audio is 51% of a film.

Aside from that, I thought it was great. I liked your shots and composition. All in all, it was great.


I thought all your shots were great, but about twice as fast as how I’d have shot them. But you know, if the brides like it and it works for you, keep it up.

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