@WSanford, I dig the look



I dig the look of DSLR’s but hate all the extras needed to work with it at its full potential. Sound is critical no matter how ‘visual’ we humans may be. The reason we no longer watch silent films (The Artist not withstanding) is because ‘talkies’ (movies with sound) blew away moviegoer’s experiences at the theater. You could get away with awful sound back then because the gear hadn’t been perfected and it was still a novel technology. Now, forget it. Just like in the video, with just a few minor steps and pieces of gear you can get solid production sound. ADR is just too much trouble and too expensive for folks working on small productions. Getting it right the first time saves time and money when you get chained to an edit bay.

Unless all of your DSLR work is going to be silent with just narration and music tracks, if you’re going to work with those cameras you better have the necessary audio gear on hand.

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