WOW! I’ve got to admit, I



I’ve got to admit, I’m really impressed! Your video is great, your overall audio is good, and it leaves me wanting to see the movie when it’s released.

You were right about the bartender. You might even want to overdub her voice so you have a clean and clear copy.

Aside from that, wow man. Really, not bad at all. However, one minor technical detail: the whole purpose of Amber alerts is to get the information out rapidly as soon as a child vanishes. That’s why they began. Unless it’s Tuesday night, the anouncement saying that the litle girl was abducted on tuesday afternoon wouldn’t be an Amber alert. It could still be a missing persons alert, but Amber alerts are really for that first 24 hours.

BUt aside from that, WOW. Vast improvements over the earlier works. VERY cool.

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