Wow! I would acquaint you



I would acquaint your question to a question like, Why is there air?

There are so many possible answers and solutions out there that they would be to numerous to list. To make one person try and type out all those options would be very difficult especially on a forum.

Another thing is that by posing a question like yours on a forum such as this you will eventually end up with several different viewpoints and suggestions and when youre all done reading them, youll be right back where you started from. Lost and confused!

Your best bet is to do some research and reading. Use the search features on the internet and youll be surprised as to the articles floating around out in cyper-space. Shoot Videomaker magazine probably has a bunch of topics relating to your questions.

I will however, offer some advise. (IMO) If you are planning on integrating this into a high school classroom environment, I would use something easier for an NLE. While Avid is pretty much considered the #1 industry standard for "High-End" video editing, it has a rather steep learning curve. Now if youre whole game plan is to prepare kids to edit video for NBC right away then by all means go for it, but if youre out to teach the whole concept of pre-production, filming, editing and post production, then you might try something a little more basic. As far as which one to use, I guess it really depends on what youre trying to accomplish in the end. Perhapes if you could shed some light on that, some of us here might be able to at least steer you in thr right direction. As of right now, your question is to big to answer.


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