Wow, what a response. I’m


Wow, what a response. I’m grateful for all the positive words, I truly appreciate it.

I should have put the website more prominently throughout the video, but the idea is to use this as a kind of “welcome” video on my home page.

In the section where my eyes are darting around, yeah, it does make me come of as a little shifty, eh? That’s also the only section of the video where I use the parlance “Uh…” I kinda felt like it was okay there, because I was delving beyond the business aspect of things and getting a little personal.

The audio is very jarring in places. I did a lot of cutting to get this close to 1 minute. I should probably have rounded the edges of those audio clips a bit more though.

I’ve always been slightly cautious about using Brad Sucks’ music, but the music wins in the end. He has all of his albums with each element of all the songs as separate .wav’s that you can download, remix, use for whatever purposes you want. Long as you credit him he’s okay with it, so I’ve used his music a ton, because it’s really good.

EarlC, I’ll try to put together a little video on how I did this. It really wasn’t very difficult.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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