WOW! What a great topic to


WOW! What a great topic to just stumble upon. I am at this stage right now. I decided to go back to school last Fall (2010), and during that time, I did not mind working for free, I was gaining experience shooting all sorts of different video, and recently did a job for a charity that turned out to be the most professional thing I have done.

I am currently finishing up my last 2 weeks of schools, and I have two more obligations to do for free and I have decided that at the beginning of the new year I am no longer working for free.

The other question I have is I have no idea what one would charge per day. It seems on here $500 is considered a 1/2 day of expenses. Does that mean that most Videographers are charging $1K/day? I find it hard to believe that there are that many people out there charging $1K/day.

What about editing, I am also positioning myself to edit the content as well. That is a separate fee, what do people charge for editing? That of course is in many ways more time consuming than shooting.


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