Wow, thats a lot of questi


Wow, thats a lot of questions. I haven’t worked with HD but I still know a think or two. Here goes:

“Im new to this and was looking at some Cameras, but i was hearing, lots of people didnt think High-Definition is good.Something about its hard to edit? Why is it?”

HD is good, but what format your recording and how powerful your computer is determines whether or not you will have a hard time with HD. I would assume that the consumer camcorders don’t need very powerful computers to edit the footage, although throughout my time on the Videomaker forum, people have mentioned some formats that I’ve never heard of before, like .VOD for instance. Some editing programs might not support the format you are shooting and that’s where you may run into problems as well.

“And they were saying most people dont have HD-TV, but we can still play HD movies on SD-TVs cant we?”

It’s true, most people don’t have HDTVs. They are pretty expensive still, and I’ve heard they rack up your electric bill if you get big ones. I’m not sure if you can play HD movies on a standard definition TV. I do know that you will need a Blu-Ray DVD player though, since that will be the standard media for HD content.

“Also i was looking at the Canon HV30 and the Sony HDR-HC9. They are both on Mini DV arent they?

I don’t know off the top of my head if the HV30 or HDR-HC9 are miniDV or not. They sound like consumer cameras, which I don’t bother looking at. Not to sound rude, but that should be easy to identify if you are really looking into those cameras. Personally, I wouldn’t get a camera that records to a DVD. I would assume that means the video is highly compressed, which means lower quality. And how do you get the footage off? I wouldn’t want a hard drive camera because the footage isn’t going to be backed up onto anything. I think tape is the way to go, although I would record to a P2 card because I’ve heard they are very reliable and robust.

“Also, surly a High-Definition Camera, wouldn’t be able to record long on a Mini-DV?”

The HDV format can be recorded onto miniDV tapes. I don’t think you can use any miniDV tape though; I think it has to be one that made for HDV. I could be wrong about that. HDV is compressed to files sizes only a bit larger than DV, so if the tape says 63 minutes, then you can get 63 minutes. The downfall is that you’re recording high definition, which is a higher resolution than SD. So you would naturally think the file sizes would be much larger, but when you record with the HDV codec, you’re compressing the video (throwing out information in a way that tricks you eye into thinking it’s still there) to get the smaller file sizes. As a result, it lowers quality. Now you might not see it when you see the image alone, but side by side to an image that was recorded with something like the DVCPro HD format or XDCam HD, the difference is probably quite clear. I’ve never done that test before though.

“Also, can we turn Hi Dif Cameras off, High Dif if we wanted to?”

I think some cameras do record both HD and SD, but you’re not “turning off” HD. You’re choosing a difference resolution to record in, the SD resolution.

Hopefully that helps….

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