Wow – thanks to all three

AvatarKevin Mc

Wow – thanks to all three recent posters for your compliments and comments on this piece!


@NashvilleImage – hehe – not a whole bunch of money, but indeed reasonable compensation for the work that was done (don't mind saying it was a few grand for this job – with a very tight shooting & editing schedule). The company needed the piece to impress another hospital for which they were bidding a job to replace operating room lights. They got the job – I'm pleased to say.


@Copperplate – I'm shooting on a Panasonic AG-HMC70. By today's standards, this is a sub-consumer grade camera inside of a prosumer shoulder mount body. I got it a few years ago as clients love big cameras (seriously). It has worked to impress people and open a few doors for me, even though it's really a garbage camera. I am looking to upgrade soon. 100% of the video footage was shot on my Pani, and the company supplied the photos that are interspersed throughout the piece.


@gary1947 – I agree with your comments about the motion. I come from shooting music vids of bands playing live and still have that "gotta move the camera to keep it interesting" mindset. I have a stellar fluid-head tripod that I simply could not fit into the construction zone – so handheld it was. I appreciate your input and will pay closer attention to movement in the future.  

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