Wow thanks so very much fo


Wow thanks so very much for the input guys! I’m very grateful.

And wow I didn’t have any idea that the GL2 was under such scrutiny. I’ll definitely check out the Sony as I’ve always had great results with Sony products across the board. So thanks for that heads-up!

I’m a web developer (from Anderson South Carolina, (Capture-Films))by trade so I don’t really get too deep into hardware configuration and construction, hence the reason I went after the best retail workstation I could find. And for 3k its frigg’n loaded. So unless I come across a killer tutorial on how to build a super system, I’ll probably save myself the time and just place an order.

The tripod and glidecam situation still have me a bit puzzled, because I’ve never owned a glidecam system or a decent tripod. With regards to these can anyone give me a specific Brand name and maybe even a model number to look for? Also since I will be shooting 90% handheld, so should I shell out the $190 for a cheap glidecam (esk) stablizing arm? Do they work?

I’ve got to go re-read all of your posts to make sure that I’m not being redundent.

Thanks again!!!!!

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