wow, thanks guys those tut


wow, thanks guys those tutorials are really informative-this should help me gauge the product…. I see that it does support alpha masks, chroma effect- if you dont mind iv got a few questions that I would like answered before I commit to a program….

I was wondering is there a sound editor include?

im a 3d animator, so this is what im looking for-I render all my channels out as separate layers- ie specularity, diffuse, alpha, color etc, not only that, but each one is a bmp or still image. I then need to composite all of that together in post production. how easily can this be done?

I heard that some video editors have limited use license- ie you buy it, then after 2 years it expires- are there any limitations like this, or once you buy it is it yours to use forever?

are there any gotchas- ie I noticed on the website that to use 5.1 surround that is an additional fee based licence, so are there any things that you only find out after you buy the product that may be a bit disceptive, and what have you found to be the weaknesses of the product?

does it support multiple file/video formats

thanks in advance

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