Wow, thanks guys. I clicke


Wow, thanks guys. I clicked the folder icon like you said and found out that even thought my camera says it can capture at 24fps, it just creates the effect of 24fps and actually captures at 1920×1080 60i. That made a difference because some of the shots looked choppy.I was trying to render the project at 24fps. And I rendered with birdcat’s suggested settings.

I also checked the match render settings to file capture settings and that seemed to help to. The pictures clarity has improved some, but I can still tell it is not were it should be. I am not expecting HD quality from a SD DVD. Still have a few more of your suggestions to try. I let you know how it turns out. Thank you guys so much for helping me learn and work through this.

210pe – The H.264 or HD WMV option sounds like an interesting route for clients. Most of the clients I deal with haven’t requested that, so do you suggest it to them? If so, how?

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