WOW! Thanks for the inform


WOW! Thanks for the information.

I’m considering a pair of AKG condensers along with with the Zoom H4 (it provides phantom power). X-Y setup on the mics, at close range to my guitar. Don’t know if I can swing the 451 ($$$), but AKG makes some less expensive condensers that might do just as well.

I’ve worked with audio quite a bit, but my experience with video is quite dated, and limited.

Until recently, I used a desktop workstation, and had no problems. The laptop(s) have been an entirely different experience. The issues with my current laptop are this – First, I have to drop the ground lug on the AC line to get rid of the power supply switching noise – regardless of whether I use the internal sound card, or an external M-Audio interface. I went through hell tracking this down, and wasted a lot of money in the process. The manufacturer’s tech support was less than useless. When I finally figured out the solution was as simple as getting a $1 ground-lift adapter, I was not thrilled. The really bad issue is, if I try to record at the highest bit rates, I get dropouts from other processes that interrupt the internal bus (probably omething to do with the Intel Speed Step, which is not manageable in the BIOS on this laptop). I’ve since discovered that many people have had similar issues with various laptops. Of course, there’s no problem whatsoever using your average destop clone, but portability is what I am after. It’s all water under the bridge anyway. Getting a truely portable stand-alone recorder is what I really needed all along.

Thanks again for all the helpful info…

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