wow, sounds intresting tha


wow, sounds intresting that you use a DVD camcorder as a burner…
um, i use premiere 6 and 6.5 and whenever i want to make a DVD with my footage i’ll make the clip i want and then export in full .avi quailty and then open up the file in sony’s dvd architect 2.0 and just remove the default menu1 thing and it’ll just burn like that and when you hit play the dvd with just start going from there… granted all im doing is exporting a 3-5 min clip so if you got a bigger movie file then all of what i just explain won’t mean crap, so then i would suggest obtaining Sorenson Sqeeze to compress it to a smaller MPEG or .avi file…OR…export out of premiere with a smaller size rather than 720×480 and see what happens….but as far as burning directly from premiere pro onto your dvd cam, i dont know, i mean if you were burning with a dvd burner drive instead of a dvd cam then id be really confused myself as far as your problem goes….so if it’s possible to burn with the cam then i learned something new, and/or you might just be able to say “export to tape” and it’ll just record on the cam on the dvd instead of saying export to dvd and hope the camera works as the burner…whatever you do, good luck

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