Wow, somebody yelled, ‘PC’


Wow, somebody yelled, ‘PC’ in the ‘Apple Store’ again? Well, it has been a respectable length of time since the last dust up on this topic. My position is well documented and anyone who cares to know it, feel free to search the archives. Not surprised with the improvements on the iMac. With the retrofit of FCP, it seems logical to do what they did with the iMac. PC’s are moving toward workstations as laptops / portable workstations that are just plain powerhouses. I picked up one last year and after I added some extra RAM, it can give my workstation a serious run for a fourth of what I paid to build it. It’s great for banging out a serious cut in the field with some depth in mographics, audio and what-not. Makes life a lot easier when I get everything in the edit bay. I was going to get on the USB-3.0 bandwagon, but I have grown to really hate USB. Right now I’m sticking with eSATA (6Gbs is currently available and cheap. Until Intel and Microsoft go ahead with T-bolt in PC gear.) Watch out for those Polar Bears.

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