Wow, quite a reaction. I d


Wow, quite a reaction. I didn’t mean to be controversial. I assumed most people understood these things. Hopefully, the moderator will not censor these posts as they are very legitimate perspectives, ones newbies should know about.

As a person who has copyrighted many things, I value copyright. The term means that the owner of the copyright has the right to allow copies to be made. If someone makes a copy without permission or without paying, even one copy, then they have infringed the law. Those of us who have been ripped off, and organzations like the RIAA, sometimes refer to it as theft. Not a pretty word, but there you go.

Some people claim it is “fair use,” but most professionals in video production know that seldom holds up. You can read the law for yourself at—-000-.html

Don’t know about synchronizations liscenses? Amazing! My search for – “synchronization license” music – on Google yielded 14,400 hits. You can find good summaries at:

There is a good Producers Guide at

From my knowledge and experience, I do think it is wrong to take something that doesn’t belong to you without paying or without permission when it is required by the laws of our land. I do think the laws I have referenced apply to those who make professional videos, including wedding videos, as referenced in the sites above.

I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. I just wanted to be a helpful contributor and share my knowledge with others.

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