Wow. Jaime! Thank you for


Wow. Jaime! Thank you for providing the content I need to resolve this debate with a number of acquaintances who have migrated from camcorders to HDSLRs because the “…large sensor size gives them a short depth of field.” I was a trained photographer before I became a working videographer and tried to explain to them that while the sensors on HDSLRs are (generally) better in low light, more contrasty and more saturate, they had nothing to do with depth of field…depth of field is a function of the combination of aperture and focal length.

I’ve complained for years that lenses on camcorders are too short and small.

Short focal lengths and small aperatures, which throws everything in focus.

I do what you do, especially for those pesky interviews: shoot at telephoto with the largest aperture you can achieve and as far away from the subject as possible, then put the subject as far away from the background as possible.

I’m going to cut and paste your first post into an email and send it to some of my friends.



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