Wow, I had to really think


Wow, I had to really think about that. I finally decided what attracted has changed over the year. After I stopped using my Dad's 8mm film camera in the mid 70's I didn't use a 'video' camera for 20 years. I was a bulky 2 unit Panasonic with the full size VHS slung around my back and the camera resting on my shoulder. I was in a media developement course and the task was to storyboard and capture without editing. We were warned that the on board mic was poor and a successful strategy was to think about and capture our 'story' a silent movie. I still cherish that challenge to think and plan in images. So, originally, I was attracted by visual storytelling.

A few years later i bough a DV and sat my parents down, individually, and asked them to tell me stuff I hadn't heard before; they did! My second attraction became documenting and documentary. My third attraction was that I liked to play with the software. After using an early version of WMM and PowerPoint Producer I bought ULEAD 8 through Corel 15 (which I still use today for quick projects and titles). The next attraction was thinking I could make money at video so I stepped up to HDV and CS3. I really like working alone and figuring it all out, angles, multiple cameras, lighting and sound – I'm a stickler for audio. Learning how to compose pictures and sounds into video is an endless challenge. DSLR's and the (relative) ease to move them using jigs, jibs and a variety of mounts always has me thinking. Lastly, I've been able to help and advise some really great local youngsters (under 40 is a youngster!) and that keeps me on my toes! Videography is attractive at so many reasons!



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