Wow, I didnt think it has


Wow, I didnt think it has been that long since my last post but I guess it has. Well, not a whole lot has changed but we are up and running on both local TV and a vidcast. What has changed is that the last time I posted here there was a forum category called worship.
More importantly, we tried getting on local TV back in January. We had problems with the cable company wanting a copy of the show in a VHS format. That was unacceptable for my pastor. If it was S-VHS we may have given it a go. I would have thought the station would have had an mpeg reader at the least but nope. It wasnt until August did we get it resolved. Our church bought the local cable company a DVD player; one that would switch between its scheduled programming. In the mean time we have been archiving our shows so if we ever had to unplug because of oh, I dont know a camera operator strike. We would be able to keep the weekly show going for several months.
Our vidcasts can be seen at
We have just recently upgraded our jib. [url] [/url]traded their earliest model (12 feet) for a newer model (18 feet) with us and we love it. With the extra length I decided that I would like to under-sling the camera. What a difference. Not only was I able to reach back another two rows but it goes up higher despite the older version was slung on top. There are some clear advantages when it is under. There were too many times that I wanted a gods eye view over the worshipping congregation when the gears would appear in the bottom of the screen. Now, I have to be careful that I dont get twisted when I begin to spin. Also, with the camera under Im able to float over the crowds heads and make them all nervous. Its kind of fun.
I think our biggest challenge now will be sustaining a budget. All of our equipment is more then a year old and there will be needs of replaced soon. Hopefully well be able to upgrade to HDV by then.

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