Wow…great advice from pr


Wow…great advice from previous posts.

I’ve been doing this for years and have filmed countless weddings. I started off filming friends and families weddings too and made some funny mistakes (funny now, stressful then). I would start off cheap or free with the mindset that you will raise your prices after a few months or after a few wedding videos you’ve done. I would also do what feels right. Some people don’t mind charging right off the bat and probably have a lot of confidence and some people that aren’t as confindent and film several weddings for free.

If it were me…I would do 5 weddings for free and tell them you are learning your craft (instill confidence but let them know you are still learning). You can build your demo from there and master how to work with the couple from start to finish. After that, you can charge whatever you want. Feel free to do some research of other wedding video companies in your area to see what they charge and how their packages are set up. Again, the more experience you get, the more you can get paid. But if you have a niche you can find (ethnic weddings, beach weddings, etc), than you can charge more off the bat since you “specialize”.

Best of luck. Check out my website for more helpful tips.

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