Wow, 100% on the ‘Yes’ vot


Wow, 100% on the ‘Yes’ vote. I also wasn’t aware of people getting flamed for posting their ‘how to’s’ on the ‘Tube. That’s just silly. Now I do admit it does get annoying on occasion to constantly see the ‘What Camera Should I Buy’ popping up like weeds in your victory garden, but that’s what this forum is for. So I just let someone else answer it when I don’t feel like it. It’s that easy vice going through all the trouble of flaming someone for it. Now if the same person keeps asking the exact same question after many people have given them solid answers, then yeah they need to be called on it.

What gets me is when someone online asks for information and you give it to them, they get torqued because it wasn’t exactly what they wanted to read. When I disagree with someone’s info I’ve been forcing myself to not go into ‘argument mode’ and look up the info from a reputable source (that can be done online quite easily now) and either show them their inaccuracy or concede their point (I hate being wrong, but will admit to it.) I guess my ‘Northern Grannie’s’ lessons in manners stuck to some degree.

I wholeheartedly agree with the lines about “smack talking cowards”, “Prima Donna insecurities” and “spreading around information” which I thought was the whole purpose of the ‘Net. My question is; Are people so frustrated with their lives that it’s a release to revert to a petulant child online? When I get ‘spun up’ a nice session of pounding the stuffing out my heavy bag puts me back on an even keel. When I’ve gotten ‘into it’ with someone online in a ‘virtual argument’ there’s this unsatisfying feeling of frustration that lasts for days that in my mind is damned unhealthy. Yet, it would seem there are many people who ‘thrive’ on ‘internet mayhem’. These types seriously remind me of the weenies who instigate the schoolyard brawl but take off running when the first punch lands.

So who are these people anyway? They all can’t be “14 year-olds with hormone problems.” Or is it that nowadays people get ‘their kicks from being ‘masculine reproductive protuberences’? If someone can’t give or take information without getting bent or turning into a keyboard commando then I’d have to agree that they “Suck”. Amazing to me how funny and sad this is at the same time.

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