>>would like to get


>>would like to get something that is easily upgraded as I will be adding plenty of software and even hardware as I go through school and then out on my ownand I’d like it to last a while. Would it be a bad idea to get a laptop?<<

Part of the issue with this is what software do you want to run? Final Cut Pro is MAC only so if you want/need to run it you have to buy one. Additionally, there are some programs that are PC only (like most pro 3d applications), so you may also need a PC. My suggestion is to buy a new intel mac since it will be able to run both the MAC operating system as well as the Windows OS (either natively using boot camp or via other software like parallels and the like).

Getting a laptop would seriously limit your upgrade options since they usually cant be upgraded aside from a larger hdd or more ram. Additionally, they usually have only a fraction of the power fo the available desktops on the market I wouldn’t normally suggest one for serious work. Rendering is the point of a project that the limitations of a laptop become very obvious.

>>Also, how many different computers am I able to install programs on? For example, I just bought Final Cut Studio 6, but am afraid of installing it on my G4 for fear that I will not be able to install it on whatever new computer I end up getting.<<

You can install software on as many machines as you want in general, but usually are not supposed to run it on more than one machine at any given time. Some software requires that you activate it before it can be used and some companies allow you to activate it on only one computer while others allow more. This actually depends on the licensing agreement that governs the specific piece of software you buy.

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