Would an external telephot


Would an external telephoto lens (like this for example) be of value for the close-ups? I ran a test shot with my lens zoomed all the way in and the iris as open as I could get it, but it didn’t quite achieve the effect I was looking for.

I realize with this camera there’s only so much one can do to achieve a decent film look.

I did test drive the night-time settings described in this thread and I’ve got to say, they worked like a charm. Had to close the iris a bit to make it darker but it was a very convincing look and definitely more practical than buying a $200 DFN filter (at least for the moment).

I was also wondering, would it be practical, to achieve a softer effect using those harsh halogen work lights, to simply bounce it off a reflector versus trying to diffuse it?

Thanks again for the advice.

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