“Working more as DP with D


“Working more as DP with DSLRs, my admitted struggle today is the fact
that I’m 41 and farsighted, after having successful custom cornea
surgery for nearsightedness.”


That’s definitely an issue to contend with. Using the oldschool gaffer’s tape mark is tried and true. I read here on the posts so many folks running out to buy these cam’s with no photography or film background and it’s a recipe for trouble. As you can back-up, manual focus is a whole order of magnitude different than rolling with the servo setting on a pro cam. You have to build a whole new skillset in trying to manage good focus when working with prime lenses. I see guys trying to shoot without a viewfinder or monitor and I just roll my eyes as they say, ‘Man, something’s wrong with this thing! It won’t stay in focus.’ It’s not the cam’ friend….

Glad you like the post. Hope it helps.

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