Woah, kinda harsh there Mr


Woah, kinda harsh there Mr. Hester, dontcha think?! I’ll take the shot on the Telly, but the rest? Really?

(1) “piracy of elements” all clear on Fair Use (the clips are used as
illustration or example). You can read up on copyright and Fair Use
here: Fair Use in the Digital Age
(2) Horrible lighting? That bad? I wouldn’t call it genius LD, but I don’t
think it’s horrible for a guy lighting and shooting himself, with a
consumer camcorder on a strict budget, in his one car garage.
(3) “Babbled on” maybe you’ ve got a point there, but I covered a lot of ground in 4:37 seconds, no?
(4) I like your idea of hanging an 8×12 foot piece of linoleum. You were
thinking 8×12, right? I realize you don’t want to babble on and on, but
your post was short on details.
(5) I don’ t like your idea of using 2 c-stands. Cha-ching: minimum of $200 there. Add in the $60
sheet of linoleum and you’ ve already exceeded my total budget for this
project. And you haven’t purchased paint or even a single light yet. I
guarantee my “horrible lighting” will be infinitely better than your 2
c-stands + linoleum solution in your dark garage.
(6) “I’d consider this an example of what not to do from start to finish.”
Again, wow, harsh. So what would you do, from start to finish, on a
$250 budget, starting from scratch? Keep in mind we’ll be shooting with
a consumer camcorder and, since the Videopia total budget from Camera
to Computer is $5,000, we won’t be editing on a dualie Mac Pro with
After Effects + Keylight. The studio space is also dual use, not
dedicated either and you are going to be standing a meter or so away from the back wall.

Oh, and you have 4:37 seconds. Ready? GO!

Seriously though, thanks for some of your genuinely useful criticism (esp. the
lighting tip “…bouncing a little more white from the left in this
case.”). And I cringe at the Telly thing too, but I really struggle
with self-marketing and thought this might be good for my brand a good
for getting clients, most of whom are not in the industry. Meh, I guess
it’d be a little like if I claimed to be “…the most unique,
cost-effective one-man-band production company in the nation.” which
would surely be an unfounded bit of marketing exaggeration, even though
my rates are very low, certainly less that $175/hr.


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