WMV is streamable on an in


WMV is streamable on an intranet provided you are running a windows server. If you aren’t, it wouldn’t work any better than any other solution. Though technically you can use Windows media player 11 as a streaming server if you try, that probably isn’t the solution he had in mind. If you were already running a Linux server, going with Apache and streaming quicktime video would be more practical.

Real, WMV, Flash, and Quicktime streaming all require there own streaming server. Windows can be streamed without the need for additional tech if you already have a windows server set up and Quicktime can be streamed from the open source Apache streaming server. Real and Flash would be an additional fee if you want to purchase your own server but for most uses merely using a hosted solution (Akamai, vitalStream, etc) is more practical. I do believe that Microsoft has a service that provides up to 10gb(?) of space on their streaming servers for free.

BTW, what is an INTRATE? Did you mean Intranet?

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