Wizard, watch your mouth.


Wizard, watch your mouth. It’s OK to have an opinion and to express yourself in an professionally courteous manner, but there’s no reason to “go off” on a poster or moderator just because you’re emotionally invested in the topic. And to come onboard and pop off then say you can’t help well, seems a similar non-service IMHO.

Bruce asked valid questions as there are often different rates for different projects and productions, not to mention dealing with the competition. AND, depending on where filmer is located, what market he is pursuing (entertainment, commercial, events, self-marketing, etc.) there are a LOT of unavailable FACTS that need to be known in order to provide a more specific line of response.

And WHAT might I ask is so “political” about a TRUE statement that equipment and software has NOTHING to do with pricing, and that if a person values his time or production or experience at $5,000 even if it is from a cellphone and moviemaker on a PC, then $5K should be the price.

And then you come along with “ask what” the potential client intends to spend. While this might give somebody a basis for what they’re willing to do, or accept for the project, it still doesn’t always provide the magic number necessary to conduct a valid business agreement for services.

I ALWAYS ask what their budget is for a project, but they either have worked with me before, done their research and know my general rates, or they’re flying by the seat of their pants. $200 per hour for shooting (generally speaking) and $100 per hour for editing (generally speaking) might be too big or too small of a “ballpark” but it is close to a valid response for somebody who is just fishing.

Serious people will tell you up front what their budget is and ask what you can do for that amount of money. This is what actually works more often than you might think.

Just remember, keep your posts a little less intense and treat fellow professionals the same way you’d treat your favored clients and the world, and this forum, will continue to be a pleasant place for society. πŸ™‚

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