Without seeing your video,


Without seeing your video, I can’t say why you might be having issues. A couple ideas come to mind:

Advertising in the wrong place. How often do you see a display rack for baby food at the Auto part store? How much luck would a butcher have setting up a kiosk at a PETA convention? While those seem outlandishly silly, it’s not really all that uncommon in the video world. People expect that they can put a video about their very specialized service on a generic video marketing site, and draw hits. It’s just not going to happen. One of the best places to market your content is on sites specializing in what you do. For example, look at how Verizon advertises their mobile video service on YouTube. Perfect pairing, because it’s the same service as youtube, just on a different market. Or as another example, as a special event videographer, I put most of my advertising into sites for event coordination. It would be a waste of my time to, say, upload a video to YouTube, and expect people to watch that video in a sea of unrelated videos.

Oversturated Marketplace. I live within about an hour of the Mall of America. When I go there to shop, I have literally about 520 shops to choose from. Naturally, at the end of the day I have NOT given my business to 514 of those shops (unless my wife is with me, in which case that number shrinks far more drastically.) On that same note, maybe your video is on the right website, but the site has 50 vendors that do what you do, and only 30 visitors a day. That means, even if every single visitor bought a service that visited (Highly unlikely) that you’ve still only got a 3 in 5 shot of getting a contract from ads placed there.

Poor Quality Video. Okay, let’s face it, you might have a severely under-par video. I’ve bumped into several business clients in the past who wanted me to cut corners, and deliver a video to them well under what it should have cost them to get the job done right. Some businesses don’t realize that the difference between a $500 video and a $1,000 video can be tens of thousands in profit. If the video was a super deep discount video, or if your videographer was inexperienced and just did a bad job for the money, it’s time to get a new video done.

Poor Extra-video Marketing. As of right now, search engines still can’t index videos solely on the video content. That means that if you want a video to get found on the Internet, you need to wrap that video in good, old fashioned text that conveys what that video is. Once you’ve done that, you need to patiently sit and wait for the major search engines to crawl your page. This takes time. You can go to Google and ask that they crawl your page sooner, but you might still have to wait from a few days to a few weeks. I can post a thousand videos on my website, but with no tags or text to describe them, not a single search engine will ever turn them up.

Not using your own site. This can be a biggie. There was a time not too long ago, when registering a domain name cost almost $200 a year, and hosting was in the thousands of dollars per month range. But today, for under $200, you can usually get a domain name, hosting, and possibly even a wide palette of tools to help you establish your site for a full year. Most consumers know that there are a lot of illegitimate scam websites out there. So if your business doesn’t have a website, or if you aren’t using it for your marketing, you’re casting yourselves in a very poor light. Fact 1 for every serious business in today’s world: You need a website. Use that site to sell your product. Through meta keywords and descriptions, your site can become the most relevant site on the ‘net when someone goes to google and searches for your product.

Try this. Go to Google and type in "Central MN Videographer" and see what sort of links come up. See the number 2 link on the page? That’s my company. That website, which I control 100% of, costs me about $200 a year to run. Now, do you see the number 3, 4, and 5 listings? Those three (PartyPop, WeDJ, and Decidio) all would like me to pay them between $300 and $1000 a year to put a premium listing on their site. Now let me ask this: Why on EARTH would I spend as much as $3000 on advertising, to get one little blurb out of dozens of little blurbs on each of those sites, when I can do it myself for next to nothing? In the business world, your own website can be your own best marketing tool.

I hope some of that helped you. Of course, if you shared the video with us, we would be able to more clearly see what you’re doing, and maybe offer some more specialized information, but this is a start, and hopefully a useful one at that.

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