Without seeing the video,


Without seeing the video, it sounds like you are getting electrical interference (noise) from something nearby. A few things to look for.

Try swapping cameras, camera 1 is now camera 2 with the cable and see if the follows the camera or stays with the cable.

Can you turn off the amplifier and still get video?If so does the noise go away?

While the camera is running and you have your wavy on the screen, wiggle the cable at both ends, one end at a time. If the waves come and go with the wiggle, there might be a broken shield at that connector. You may want to look into fixing or replacing the cable.

Is the cable running near any electrical device, heater, power supply, projector, monitor, audio amplifier, electrical outlet with something plugged in and running, etc? Try moving the cable away from that device and see if the wave goes away.

Are you close to any overhead fluorescent lights (within a couple feet, ballasts are bad for electrical noise)? Try turning them off.

These are just some of the things that come to mind that could cause this. I am sure others might have more input.

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