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With the exception of clicking for multiplex on the audio tab …6.png (won’t affect the image) I would use those settings. I guess you are saying that before the render the video looks good but after it is pixelated? Honestly there are so many other things to try it’s hard to know where to begin. Does the resulting mpeg from Premiere look good before going to ENCORE? If so, then the DVD transcode settings in ENCORE could be the problem. Check Adobe help under ‘bit budget.’ I have only had to delve into bit budgeting for DVD’s in the 70 minute plus range – otherwise the defaults should work.

Back to Premiere. If the rendered MPEG-DVD is pixelated and the source was not, and you were not zooming in on the footage, then it is ‘experiment’ time. You’ve already selected to match the output with the input, that’s good, you can try VBR 2 pass and see if you can find Quality=5 (I think that is the highest).

If you have another program, like one of those $100 Corel or Pinnacle ones, drop a short clip in there and use their automatic settings to see if the quality improves; hey, you never know!

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