With the convenient and re


With the convenient and relatively inexpensive hi-def video hosting services that Motionbox offers professionals, the only other Internet tools that real estate video makers need are inexpensive Bulletin Boards like the ones being used on The Real Estate Video Show.com

My introductory board divides NY City up into Manhattan districts and adjacent boroughs on which any videomaker living in those areas can post a link to their own Video Production Bulletin Board listing real estate for sale or rent within that area. Real estate sales are all about location, location, location, and local brokers and video makers should know more about what is for rent and sale in their neighborhood than some broker or video maker living in another city, town or state.

I further divided NY State into counties and regions in order for real estate video makers in those areas to post links to videos of properties for sale or rent in those areas. All you need is a local Bulletin Board like the second one I am using as a resident of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Staking out and laying a claim to your own neighborhood does not restrict your video services to that area but merely indicates where you are located on the real estate map of the country. Anyone, except brokers and agents, of course, can post videos of real estate for sale or rent on the Upper West Side on my Upper West Side.yuku.com Bulletin Board including you if you are are member andhappen tohave a client on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The jist of all this is that if video makers who want to make and show their real estate videos on the Internet work together we can create a network of video producers dedicated to doing just that. Without giving away a little trade secret by intentionally publicizing it, if that were possible, the future of real estate sales and rentals lies with the video makers who can show videos of properties for sale or rent as well as any real estate agent can show the property in person.

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