With that many lights at y


With that many lights at your disposal, the normal setup is to use a “key” or main light on the subject, just offset to one side…a “Fill” light on the opposite side and a “Back” light usually behind and above,pointed down atthe subject to help seperatde them from the background and give the back of their head some highlights. However, in a room that size, you can probably get away with bouncing the main lights off the ceiling and/or walls, but still use the back light as per above. My main concern with off-white walls would be the background. I like to place a plant in a corner or some art work/posters on the walls, perhaps a prop that pertains to the subject being discussed. You can also “paint” the background with coloured light or shadow/pattern light to give some detail. I always try to do something to prevent having just a plain white wall as a background.

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